When you perform a secure erase on a disk drive, all data on that disk drive is completely and irretrievably eradicated. E-mail Permalink Comments 0. Monday, August 18, 8: The content you requested has been removed. Build – Copies data from a source drive to a target drive. I tried the latest drivers from Dell, they worked fine with Server Enterprise. You can identify disk drives by viewing the list of disk drives on your system.

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Clear – This option creates the array and writes zeroes to all the hard drives in the array. When enabledthe controller automatically rebuilds an array when a failed disk drive is replaced.

Caution – Before you format fmbedded disk drive, back up all data. If you modified any settings, you are prompted to save the changes before you exit. The ARCU includes a tool for modifying the controller settings, and for modifying the disk drives connected to it.

Formatting destroys all data on a disk drive. Select the Select utility and press Enter. You might want to perform a secure erase only on disk afaptec that contain confidential or classified information. When enabled, the alarm sounds. The secure erase stops and the Adapetc returns to its main window.


DNN Expert posted on November 09, We also have a forum to support the Hardware related issue for Windows Vista.

When you perform a secure erase on a disk drive, all data on that disk drive is completely and irretrievably eradicated.

Also, when the log is full, new events overwrite old events. Windows Server If you chose Quick Init, the following message appears: However I think here Dell would be the proper contact for you. Back up all data from your disk drive before you initialize it.

Driver download

E-mail Permalink Comments 0. For the most part, it worked, however there were problems with networking NIC drivers?

Microsoft SQL Server Disk drives must be initialized before they can be used in an array. Remove From My Forums. However, creating an array using the GUI is up to three times as fast.

Note – Failed drives are displayed in a different text color. Select the array that you want to make bootable, and then press Ctrl-B.


This just seems odd to me that saata isn’t a 08 driver anywhere! Acaptec in to vote. Did not attempt to use the built-in Adapted HostRaid due to the reasons you cited above. Caution –When write cache is enabled, there is a slight possibility of data loss or corruption during a power failure.

Note – New disk drives are low-level formatted at the factory and do not need to be low-level formatted again. Windows Server Application Compatibility and Certification.

Server and Dell SC Adapted Embedded SATA RAID

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Both options take less time than the secure erase option, but might not offer enough security for highly sensitive information. You may want to take a look at the link below. The size of the disk drive.