Contact Ampetronic for more information about the effect on loop design and performance of metal in building construction. Impedance 60KO each side, 20KO differential. It can also be used in a “Confessional” environment with the use of a special loop arrangement. Greater than 36V peak, to enable good frequency response with larger inductive loops. Patented circuitry prevents clipping, to ensure full EMC compliance. Also see Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers. Greater than 19V peak, to enable good frequency response with larger, inductive loops.

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DC powering for electret capsules. This control permits correction of the system frequency response when losses occur due to metal in the building.

Specification data should only be compared with data compliant to this standard. The ILD is fan-cooled.

Suitable for applications requiring a larger coverage area including conference facilities, theatres, sports halls, educational environments, larger meeting rooms, cinemas, courts and lecture halls, these loop drivers will cover up to square metres. VOX control from input 1. Power consumption 15 VA Max. Forced ventilation is used, with air intake on the left edge and warm air exhaust from the rear through ventilation grilles. Please click ils for more on international delivery costs and times.

When operating below maximum outpuit, the ILDDC can drive longer cable lengths — contacts us for more details. Compare Similar Apmetronic Current product.

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Configuration VOX switching sets priorities for each input. Front panel LED, indicates current peaks. Insert point ampetrobic connecting Ampetronic Phase Shifter, etc. The coil is an open structure, having the following dimensions: This software version can only be purchased under certain conditions defined by the manufacturer!


2 X Ampetronic ILD 60 Induction Loop Driver | #

All connections are plug and socket style for simple quick installation. The Ampetronic ILD9 Induction Loop Driver is designed for a wide range of assistive listening applications where superior vocal and musical reproduction is paramount.

Rack mounts 1U space.

However, the design and installation of the system is equally important to meet these Induction Loop standards. Categories New products By brand Xmpetronic and data connectors Video and RF connectors Power connectors and distribution Connection panels and stageboxes Fibre optic cables, connectors and interfaces Cable assemblies, patchcords and leads Cables Cabling accessories and tools Bags and cases Racks, rack accessories and hardware Lights, clocks, furniture, fittings and equipment supports Drives, memory, media, labelling and sound effects Powering Microphones Radio Microphones Microphone supports, amplifiers, powering and accessories Headphones, headsets, earpieces, amplifiers and wireless systems Hearing protection and noise control Record, replay and radio receivers Audio interfacing Video interfacing, processing, monitoring and camera accessories Audio mixers and processing Amplification Loudspeakers and audio monitoring Test and measurement Communications and datacoms Index By brand Index New products Special offers Clearance list Remainder list.

Ampetronic ILD 300 Loop Induction Amp

The IEC power inlet has an associated fuse, the loop output uses a detachable connector. Ampetronc and facilities on the rear are the same. See Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers. Please contact Ampetronic for further details 5 year warranty applies to the amplifier, but accessories such as microphones are only covered for one year from date of sale.


2 X Ampetronic ILD 60 Induction Loop Driver

Cooling Cooling is by natural convection from the product casing. Impedance 60KO each side, 20KO differential. If you require additional options, please contact Support for specification or supply of a microphone to suit your application. Wall mounting with the WM bracket set. Adjustable from 0 to 3dB per octave, using 1KHz as constant gain frequency. The ILD Induction Loop Driver has been designed for a wide range of applications such as small churches, small conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments as well as light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in countries and This Loop Driver sets the standard for constant-current drive in loop systems, providing a clean, high quality sound, with distortion levels well below those commonly associated with this type of equipment.

Square loop areas of up to square metres can be covered, or more than square metres in rectangular configurations, depending on aspect ratio. When metal is used in adjacent structures, significant losses may occur and a larger amplifier may be required.

Top AC Power Input: