Make sure the data you want to mirror is on the first disk. Page Chapter 7: Hook the rear pivoting end of the cable manager to the rear end of the rackrail and press the tab to retain the rear end. You may need to remove some of the installed components to access theDIMM sockets and internal connectors. From the utility main menu, highlight Configure, then press. These problems only requires simple troubleshooting actionsthat you can perform by yourself.

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Select one unit of space 1U on therack where you want to install theserver. When prompted, use the arrow keys to select Yes from the ConsistencyCheck dialog box, then press. Repeat the previous steps to secure the other inner rail to the bottom of thechassis with screws.

Choose Install the software automatically and press the Enter key.

Page 17 of Asus Server TSE5 User Guide |

Select an item then press to display the configuration options. Hardwaremonitoring errors can occur ifyou fail to plug this connector. If correctly installed, theouter edge of the backplane alignswith the corner of the drive cage.


To clear the supervisor password, select the Change Supervisor Password thenpress. Refer to theillustration below for the location of the SAS connectors.

Make sure that the drive and bayhole align as shown. When set toLast State, the system goes into either off or on state, whatever the system statewas before the AC power loss. Find the proper orientationand push ts30-0e5 firmly until the connectors completely fit.

Push ts30-0e5 server all the way into the rack. To install the XGI Graphics driver1. Press to keep existing data on the first disk.

Visit the ASUS website www. Press to select the port ofdestination disk for rebuilding or press to exitThe size of destination disk for rebuilding should be the same or bigger as theoriginal aasus disk. Insert the RAID driver disk you created earlier to the floppy disk drive, thenpress.

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Page 25 You may need to remove some of the installed components to access theDIMM sockets and internal connectors. To activate the array: Lay the system chassis on its side. The power supply has 13 plugslabeled P1 to P To reinstall the power supply unit: Page 29 The CPU fits in only one correct orientation. Carefully lift the cover and set itaside.


Asus TS300-E5 motherboard BIOS – P5BPE4L

Secure the blower to the casewith the two screws you removedearlier. If you choose this option,data on the first disk will be mirrored on the second disk that you will add tothe volume later. During POST, press to display the utility main menu.

Theconfigurable array appears on screen. Connect the drive signal cable andpower cable.

Confirm the password when prompted. From the utility main menu, highlight Configure, then press. This chapter describes the generalfeatures of the barebone server,including sections on the front paneland rear panel specifications.

To install a floppy disk drive: Connect the CPU fan cable to theconnector on the motherboard.