You may call serialPort. Lets you set scanner parameters using barcodes or USB cable, upgrade firmware and more. They would all have the same PnP ID so it is not easy to know which one is which. I also know that there are tools for associating a logical name to a Service Object this would also be an impediment for depolyment as I would have to repeat the process each time I’m changing the machine. Sunday, April 1, 5: Remove From My Forums. The scanner model is Datalogic Magellan

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What exactly are those items returned by GetDevices? It’s just the Magellan scanners that fail. Monday, April 2, 7: So yeah, quite disappointed.

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Check the other POS device tabs to ensure that no other device is also set to your chosen serial port. I think there was a tool for it, but I remember it never worked.

There is often a separate power supply that is required. The other method is opls open the setup-wizard in System Five, select Point of Sale Devices, barcode scanner, and select the appropriate preamble.

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You will have to use bsrcode manufactures software to configure the scanner. Removing the active scanner, would enable the second scanner to work. As Woodchux pointed out, you have to setup unique logical IDs for each device.


In the former case, how sscanner I find out which scanner performed a scan when a DataEvent event is garcode Sunday, April 1, 6: You do not need any pre-amble characters.

Keyboard type scanners will often have issues when a dialog box appears on the screen and the clerk is trying to scan an item. Since, at the moment I only have one device, I have no idea what will happen when all 6 devices will be connected. I was hoping for a cleaner solution with PnP support and all that. The simplest way to pair a cordless Bluetooth scanner with a smartphone, tablet or PC. Monday, April 2, NET provides a class library for. Has anyone been confronted with this particular problem?

This would allow me to scan using just one scanner. This is what I’ve tried: Datalogic is a tough one. The advantage of the serial port scanner is that there is never any confusion between a keyboard number input and a barcode scan.

I need to mention that I have 3 scanners, a Gryphon and 2 Magellan scanners. This will effectively list all the devices that appear in Registry. There will be OPOS drivers required to be installed from the manufacture of your scanner.


By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The preferred method is to open the Windward Point of Sale Device Manager in the Windows Tooltray usually in the bottom right of your screen.

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Allows you to remotely manage your Zebra scanner while attached to a Windows PC. The only problem is that I could not find a tool which sets the LDN field sacnner Datalogic barcode scanners. Then you have to test each one to see which logical ID it goes with. Narcode and Optimize Your Scanner With Zebra Software Tools Whether you need to simply stage a device or develop a fully featured application with image and data capture as well as asset management, these tools help you every step of the way.

I believe your best bet would be to setup logical names for each device in the configuration tool for your scanner driver. Saturday, October 6,