If there is none, DOSBox will load the user configuration file. If you need to use quotes within quotes most likely with -c and mount: If you have two controllers connected, each will emulate a joystick with 2 axes and 2 buttons. Look in the Section 4: The X on your keyboard is still mapped to the X as well! Establish the IPX connection as explained above, then run “netbios. First see if an autodetection option is provided.

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Simply put a copy in your Windows folder.

Usually, DOSBox detects when a game uses mouse control. Alternatively, you can disable the display scaling and or use a lower fullresolution value. There are occasional sound glitches that don’t necessarily recur if you replay the same scene a 2nd time. Required to mount hard drive images. Each command should start with “-c” though.

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CTRL – F4 dosvox this as well! Note that the keyboard layout allows foreign characters to be entered, but there is NO support for them in filenames. Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers.

I got this error: These are generally only used when you want to change the special keys of DOSBox. Your directories should look like this:.


Then scroll down to the very end, and add these lines:. For example, to mount a 70MB image as the slave drive device, you would type without the quotes:. You have a joystick attached, it is working fine under DOSBox and you want to play some keyboard-only game with the joystick it is assumed that the game is controlled by the arrows on the keyboard:. I did a small mistake in the code An overview of the command line options you can give to DOSBox.

When you click on the screen it should get locked confined to the DOSBox window and work. Doing it this way you would have to find three things. You suggest to install the game via DosBox. Most games have an EXE file in their directory that you can run. Dosboox you click on a button with your mouse, you can see in doosbox lower left corner with which event it is associated EVENT and to what events it is currently bound.

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Both “-set” and “-get” work mscex batch files and can be used to set up your own preferences for each game. Video cutscenes occasionally end prematurely, but this happens less often if you play the game in a window as opposed to in full-screen mode.

For detailed information about keyboard layouts please see Section 8: This can happen in various cases, like your host keyboard layout does not have a matching DOS layout representation or it was not correctly detectedor the key mapping is wrong. Alternatively, you can setup the filename in the configuration file in the [dosbox] section.


Specifies a floppy image. Play, chat, and share experiences with your friends on GOG. The game needs to be installed via DOSBox, and, when run, it will display some error messages – but it works though extremely slowly. Vosbox for classic PC games?

Multiple -conf options may be present. You can’t chat with this user due to their or your privacy settings. Once you increase your DOSBox cycles beyond your computer CPU resources, it will produce the same effect as slowing down the emulation. This is a simpler version of -size.

I realise the error will come out if you mount the wrong disc you have to have disc 1 or if you didn’t install the game from dosbox itself. Additional layouts can be added by copying the corresponding.