Intel talks P45, G45 and X It appears that too much VTT leads to instability aswell in form of rounding errors, for 1. The point that gives me headaches are the values that I can set in my bios. Like the skew settings, this option supposedly optimizes DRAM timing. And for the ones that do, Asus cautions not to expect any miracles.

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Motherrboard the skew settings, this option supposedly optimizes DRAM timing. Hi AaronYuri and Autumnale, I’d like to pick your brains if you don’t mind. Particularly on a dual core. Any one intrested in this range likely has a QX and would scale the multiplier gtk than push the FSB much higher than Only way to be sure is by using a multimeter. Both of you have made excellent posts here and on the extremesystems. I messed with it for hours now, setting the NB Voltage 1.

Starting with all lanes set to 50mV which is a good starting point for most overclocks or better yet 0mV if you can boot that way. Controls the voltage for your board’s Northbridge minus 1, geek points if you gttl guess this one.

Did anyone ever get any improvements changing gtl ref volts? As the name suggests, this is where you can adjust how much voltage gets pumped into your processor.


You would then measure again to make sure it is correct and you’d be all set. Forums Posts Latest Posts. This is desirable to achieve overall love Vcore and lower temps at stock or near iintel speeds and voltages. You can see that some Speeds have a much narrower margin than others, this can account for “FSB holes” where the computer cannot run.

GTL Reference Voltages for Quad-Core Processors – ASUS Maximus Formula SE: X38 and DDR2 Unite!

DFI shows off its X48 board that features a new, hardcore cooling motherbowrd created in collaboration with Thermalright! Otherwise you have blue screens, or the system wont boot!

You measured a voltage mltherboard and are compensating for it or: Intel locks the multiplier on all but its Extreme Edition CPUs, which prevents end-users from increasing the multiplier, but not from decreasing it.

If you want to buy and overclock on an Intel P45 board or X48, X38 and P35 for that matterLeach believes that you must learn how to use: Unless you have a i which allows negative adjustment.

Speaking to Asus product managers today, they again reaffirmed that just 1. Tweaking the GTL can sometimes give them better stability.

By adjusting the skew you can realign these clock signals and suddenly stability should return again — a good board will have less jitter in its signal generation and finer skew adjustments than one that’s not as good. This is of coarse, if Nvidia didn’t pull a programing trick and reassign the name in the BIOS when a dual core is detected.


What is GTLREF and what has it go to do with me? Part 1

Dwarden on October, Intel talks to bit-tech and details its next generation 4-series, Eagle Lake chipsets which should arrive in May. Here is a motherbooard any one can do, with out needing to modify your motherboard: Essentials Only Full Version.

Interestingly enough, I found that 1. Most people who posted here aren’t even active anymore.

Guessing from this statement: But so far, there hasn’t been any value I could get stable trough Prime95 Large k for more than 20 minutes without producing errors.

There are plenty of technical articles on how it works if you want to get more in depth, but it requires some basic understanding of physics, calculus, electronics We recommend By Zergnet. You will never use “GTL units” in this motherboard.

Help is appreciated, thank you very much.