Yes, please update onboard VGA driver to Please remove all LAN cable from your system. I want to install Linux Red Hat 9. Connect the monitor cable to the onboard VGA port. Additionally, the CPU core voltage is reduced to low voltage also.

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When you see the warning messages, please select “Yes” for both. If your model isn’t listed in the table, please visit the beta zone of your model and then update the latest beta BIOS. And then install the Memory back. If you want to reinstall your system, please install the Intel INF driver 9. Or you can update the motherboard’s BIOS to version 2.

Do I need to screw on the double hole? The protection cover will automatically come off by itself. You could change the default settings as you want it, then click “OK” Step Press “Refresh Now” to re-rate your system.


Press “e” to edit the option. Only supported for SATA-based boot drive.

Free Download Asrock P4I65G Bios – Asrock P4I65G Bios download

Please make sure the year is correctly set in BIOS setup. I cannot install Windows 7, 8 to my NVMe storage. Make sure locate Pin1 and the two orientation key notches, then carefully place CPU into the socket. After installation, click Launch to launch the APP. How do I setup digital sound DTS5. Start to install the operating system. Click asorck Teaming tab, select the Team this adapter with other adapters checkbox, and click New Team.

Set the item “Boot From Network” to “Enable”. I can’t format my Samsung hard drive and install OS.

ASRock > P4i65G

During reboot, please press “F11” biios enter Boot Menu. Please double check if the graphics cards are installed properly on the riser cards. Or you may enable both the primary and the secondary IDE channels by selecting [Both]. Key in “dh [Drv number]”, for example: Please add VIA vmlinuz But after I finished the installation of Red Hat Linux 9.


Boot into the OS. ION support Dolby Digital 5. After entering the Product Key, the OS will be activated.

Disable “Spread Spectrum” option. When installing Linux which the Kernel version is order than 2. Then please press [F10] to save the setting. This motherboard does not support three or four above memory modules.

Asrock P4I65G Bios 1.8 For Windows All

Enter Advanced Settings, and then select Chipset Configuration. We recommend calculating it in 2 parts: The actual screen may differ by model. For detailed information please refer to AMD’s official website: