And I should say that this model copes with its tasks very well. Perhaps the only disadvantage in the PCB layout, which is not overcrowded with integrated controllers and connectors, is that the FDD connector is located behind the last PCI slot: Thus, the systems are formally at long odds, but have a look at the game results in low resolutions, obtained with one of the most powerful AGP video cards — ATI Radeon Pro. View a sample email. In any case, requests to ATi for general information on the Radeon Xpress went unanswered.

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The 3D hardware is audiio for setting games to their high but not max graphic setting. However, there may be slight differences in store pricing or inventory compared to what is listed online.

Coupons are not applicable to prior orders. Coupons are subject to change without notice.

Perhaps the only disadvantage in the PCB layout, which is not overcrowded with integrated controllers and connectors, is that the FDD connector is located behind the last PCI slot: It certainly has a baleful effect on the system performance with an AGP video accelerator in modern games — we have already reviewed this issue in detail.

In other respects it’s OK. All of this comes together to make the ECS RSA motherboard one very flexible purple solution capable of bridging the gap between old and new technologies. Motherboards Socket S All in all this is a great motherboard and the integrated graphics are decent to. That is the ECS RSA is obviously not intended for a high-performance workstation, it’s rather a solution for home users, who upgrade their computers gradually.


Video 3Digests Video cards: So today we shall limit ourselves to a small number of tests for confirmation. Have an opinion on this product that you would like to share?

If, so please take a few moments to write your rating and review. One thing about the USB 2. The price is great for all the options that you get. That’s why the official chipset specifications shy away the fact that FSB can operate at this frequency.

Back to Search Results. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Perhaps ATi has grown accustomed to its dominance in the 3D videocard market, leading it to expect immediate, and overwhelmingly positive results in the realm of core logic chipsets too? Pulling the power supply cable out of this motherboard will be difficult.

ATI Audio Inc | B&H Photo Video

The general layout of components and connectors on the RSA is logical, although I prefer not to have the floppy drive connector at the bottom of the board. User’s Guide in English Cables: Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Audio quality is probably rs00 biggest complain from AC’97 users.


While Azalia costs more than AC’97, we do expect more motherboard manufacturers to adopt the higher quality Azalia in the near future.

But the price to consumer justifies all these disadvantages in the qti of many customers. With its videocards, we’re use to experiencing a lot of hype and excitement in the days and months leading up to a product launch, but with ATi’s motherboard chipsets, there has been almost literally nothing.

It’s hard to say for certain as this secretive atj discloses scant little about itself.

ATI Audio Inc

What the company does provide on its website is extremely vague. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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