Some new language files and export template for HTML. Plenty of options to customise how you want use it. Option to hide drives. I’ll add it to others soon. Square brackets were getting removed and Radio buttons weren’t translated.

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Transfers are slower when enabled, but it verifies that the data is OK. Nouvelle option “Utilisez le transfert de tampon”. Anyone that was testing should update. I have tried MHDD inside magic boot disk but it detect: This was a flaw that also existed in libWBFS due to different block sizes on larger drives. Now a 1MB buffer is used to read the files in small chunks. So only on-the-fly titles are used, changes are saved to custom-titles.

Enermax EHD-251-U2 USB 2.0 2.5 Enclosure Review

Si le fichier est tel quel, il faut l’extraire. It was unusable anyway. Database filter dialog wasn’t translated correctly when setting the language. Now supports multiple pages and covers etc.


Now downloads can be paused, resumed and stopped on demand. After selecting the custom-titles. Something wasn’t saving correctly since the move to Unicode. All cover URLs etc. When burning DVD, the closest supported speed will be used.

Texture blending mode for covers. Select the archive types you want enabled in the settings dialog. Square brackets were getting removed and Radio buttons weren’t translated. When disabled, WBM behaves just like the loaders, where you can download missing covers only.

Game IDs loaded from selection files are trimmed of any extra whitespace. Invalid cover images are automatically deleted and re-downloaded when necessary. If it is heads, media or SA damage you need ehf fix this too.

There’s an option to use unmounted volumes in the settings dialog. Trailing backslashes are removed from paths in the settings. I got the Chinese languages mixed up, traditional and Simplified. Ability to use Wii discs that have invalid entries in the partition tables.


USB disk drive cradle (Pete’s notes)

See the entry below for an example of how this can happen. Duplicate files in the file list now handled correctly, so it isn’t possible to transfer duplicates to a drive or convert to other formats. Changes to “Show USB drives only” are reflected in the format dialog.

Sparse ISO size on drive.

Télécharger Wii Backup Manager Build 78(page 6) – Wii Info

Links to the Wiki and GBAtemp forum in the help menu. You can quickly send the current language file via the feedback form. Problem with hd that freeze the pc.

Select “Items not in file list” for drive pages.