Above the screen is a speaker, around which you’ll find various colored LEDs that denote, among other things, whether Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled and if your battery is low. The dimensions on the iPaq are bigger, but the right curves make it look smaller than the Axim. This handheld also boasts the Hseries’ same sharp, 65,color, transflective TFT display. Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world.

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OEM HP iPAQ H 5450 H 5455 USB Sync Charge Cable 398432

Lenovo Ipwq X1 Extreme 8. Among the most useful of these are Colligo, which lets you share data and chat with others via Bluetooth; Quick View Plus, which allows you to view more than 70 file types; and Peacemaker, which facilitates communication between the iPaq and Palm-based PDAs.

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in The H ships with an AC charger, a syncing cradle, and a dongle to charge the removable battery while traveling.

The H 54450 again wrapped in the recognisable, robust silver-black frame. The battery is easy to swap in and out of the iPaq when needed. Full version applications on included CD: A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s But more price-conscious consumers ubs choose to magnify the H’s small but significant flaws and opt instead for the smaller, less powerful H Lenovo 545 X1 Extreme review: 54450 instance, the usbb reader is located just below the D-pad, and to make room for this reader the D-pad has shrunk in size.


Software out there now will allow you to overclock the chip to MHz, but MHz should suffice for any application a business user will be running — and keep you within your warranty. Together with the infrared capability, these wireless platforms enable communication with scores of devices–including cell phones, PDAs, PCs, and networks–allowing data exchange, e-mail, text messaging, and Internet access. Aside from an extra nub at the top, the H is about the same size as earlier iPaqs.

Just by checking a box in the software menu, you can tell the handheld to draw power from your PC or notebook’s USB port.

Making sure that information is kept confidential and secure is important, so the would certainly appeal to such an organization. I will mention that the iPaq usbb with a couple of great applets for managing the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If you need more than the memory provided on board then utilize the SD expansion slot of the iPaq located on top to store files and applications of up to MB in size by purchasing that capacity SecureDigital card.

According to HP, this slot may eventually be leveraged for future i;aq, although nothing’s confirmed at the moment. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. Design In terms of appearance, the H isn’t very much different from its series brethren.

REVIEW: HP iPaq 5450

These measures are taken without the protective slip cover that comes with the iPaq. Other than those anomalies, the H has a standard iPaq design in most respects. If you count yourself in that group, this fully loaded but somewhat hefty Pocket PC will have strong appeal. For example, consumers have been buying third-party dual-function cables that recharge and synchronise at the same time.


OEM HP iPAQ H H USB Sync Charge Cable | eBay

Utility for adjusting power conservation modes, Utilities: Trial version applications on included CD: Another great addition to the H is a hardware volume control rocker button. In fact, the H is one of the most powerful and most cannily focused handhelds we’ve seen so far. Therefore some security may be necessary to prevent unauthorised access.

The stand-out factor for the screen on this device is its remarkable brightness, the only device that I think might give a brighter display is the iPaq — I love the display on that little device.


Another mainstay, the integrated Bluetooth, worked as expected, and we easily transferred data between other Bluetooth-enabled handhelds and cellphones. As this PDA’s steep price and features list suggest, the Hwhich supports most existing iPaq sleeves–targets corporate customers and spare-no-cost, mobile professionals who must have the latest and greatest gear.

While the iPaq H doesn’t constitute a major jump in Pocket PC power, it can match specs with the best of its contemporaries. But the intense competition seems to have galvanised piaq company, which has now released the breathtakingly powerful H, a handheld that offers integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and biometric functions.